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Vol 45, No 3 (2016)

Table of Contents


A Fast Selective Image Encryption Using Discrete Wavelet Transform And Chaotic Systems Synchronization PDF
Narjes Khalifa, Rania Linda Filali, Mohamed Benrejeb 235 - 242
A Short Certificate-based Signature Scheme with Provable Security PDF
Ying-Hao Hung, Sen-Shan Huang, Yuh–Min Tseng 243 - 253
Approaches to access control policy comparison and the inter-domain role mapping problem PDF
Hong Xiang, Xiaofeng Xia, Haibo Hu, Sheng Wang, Jun Sang, Chunxiao Ye 278 - 288
A simple centerline extraction approach for 2D polygons PDF
Aleksas Riškus, Armantas Ostreika, Antanas Lenkevičius, Vytautas Bukšnaitis 254 - 260
Combined load balancing algorithm in distributed computing environment PDF
Luka Filipovic, Božo Krstajić 261 - 266
Outlier Mining Based on Neighbor-Density-Deviation with Minimum Hyper-Sphere PDF
Yiwei Yuan, Hui Cao, Yanbin Zhang, Qian Xie, Rui Yao 267 - 277
A Searchable Hierarchical Conditional Proxy Re-encryption Scheme for Cloud Storage Services PDF
Cheng-Chi Lee, Chun-Ta Li, Chin-Ling Chen, Shih-Ting Chiu 289 - 299
Detection of the Road Pothole Contour in Raster Images PDF
Vytautas Jakštys, Virginijus Marcinkevičius, Povilas Treigys, Jevgenij Tichonov 300 - 307
Highly convergent finite elements with diagonal mass matrix for short wave pulse propagation simulation PDF
Andrius Kriščiūnas, Rimantas Barauskas 308 - 320
Hybrid metaheuristic method for solving a multi-period emergency service location problem PDF
Stefan Miskovic, Zorica Stanimirovic 321 - 337

Print ISSN: 1392-124X 
Online ISSN: 2335-884X