Vol 46, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Application of Real Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to Solve Space and Time Fractional Heat Conduction Inverse Problem PDF
Rafal Brociek, Damian Slota 171 - 182
A Comparison of Mining Incomplete and Inconsistent Data PDF
Patrick G. Clark, Cheng Gao, Jerzy Grzymala-Busse 183 - 193
The Probability of Stability Estimation of an Arbitrary Order DPCM Prediction Filter: Comparison Between the Classical Approach and the Monte Carlo Method PDF
Nikola Danković, Dragan Antić, Saša S. Nikolić, Staniša Lj. Perić, Zoran H. Perić, Aleksandar V. Jocić 194 - 204
Security Vulnerabilities and Improvements of SPAM: A Secure Password Authentication Mechanism for Seamless Handover in Proxy Mobile IPv6 Networks PDF
Mohammad Sabzinejad Farash, Shehzad Ashraf Chaudhry, SK Hafizul Islam, Muazzam A. Khan Khattak, Aiiad Albeshri 205 - 218
An Adaptive Neural Network Control Scheme for Stabilizing Chaos to the Stable Fixed Point PDF
Kursad Gokce, Yilmaz Uyaroglu 219 - 227
A Note on the Use of Step Responses Matrix and Lambert W Function in the Dynamics Analysis of Time Delay Systems PDF
Irma Jankauskienė, Jonas Rimas 228 - 234
Anonymous and Authentication Protocol For Multi-Server PDF
Wen Chung Kuo, Po-Wei Shih, Yu-Chih Huang, Lih-Chyau Wuu 235 - 245
Robust Adaptive Control for Fractional-order Financial Chaotic Systems with System Uncertainties and External Disturbances PDF
Heng Liu, Shenggang Li, Guanjun Li, Hongxing Wang 246 - 259
Application of Convolutional Neural Networks to Four-Class Motor Imagery Classification Problem PDF
Tomas Uktveris, Vacius Jusas 260 - 273
Homomorphic Signatures from Chameleon Hash Functions PDF
Dong Xie, Haipeng Peng, Lixiang Li, Yixian Yang 274 - 286

Print ISSN: 1392-124X 
Online ISSN: 2335-884X