Vol 41, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents


Preserving Semantics of Owl 2 Ontologies in Relational Databases Using Hybrid Approach PDF
Ernestas Vyšniauskas, Lina Nemuraitė, Bronius Paradauskas 103-115
On line self recovery of embedded multi-processor SOC on FPGA using dynamic partial reconfiguration PDF
Uros Legat, Anton Biasizzo, Franc Novak 116-124
Modeling of the Phenomena in Multiserver Networks PDF
Saulius Minkevičius, Leonidas Sakalauskas 125-135
Hmi Modelling for Multimodal Lithuanian Applications PDF
Rytis Maskeliunas, Kastytis Ratkevicius 136-142
Optimal Spacecraft Formation Reconfiguration with Collision Avoidance Using Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
Haibin Huang, Guangfu Ma, Yufei Zhuang, Yueyong Lv 143-150
A New Approach to the Fault Detection Problem for Mobile P2P Network PDF
Mao Lun Chiang, Hui Ching Hsieh 151-161
Data Evolvement Analysis Based on Topology Self-Adaptive Clustering algorithm PDF
Ming Liu, Quan Bing Liu, Chao Yuan Liu, Jie Cheng Sun 162-172
Towards scalable key management for secure multicast communication PDF
Yuh Min Tseng, Chen Hung Yu, Tsu Yang Wu 173-182
Simple and Efficient Signature-based Consensus Protocol in the Asynchronous Distributed System PDF
Chien Fu Cheng, Kuo Tang Tsai, Hsien Chun Liao 183-198

Print ISSN: 1392-124X 
Online ISSN: 2335-884X