Vol 43, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


A Robust Intelligent Construction Procedure for Job-Shop Scheduling PDF
M. Abdolrazzagh-Nezhad, S. Abdullah 217-229
Mapping Ontologies to Objects using a Transformation based on Description Logics PDF
R. Žontar, I. Rozman, V. Podgorelec 230-243
A Powerful Yet Efficient Iris Recognition Based on Local Binary Quantization PDF
R. T. Al-Zubi, K. A. Darabkh, Y. I. Jararweh 244-251
Group-Oriented Data Access Structure Using Threshold-CAE Scheme and Its Extension PDF
H.-Y. Lin 252-263
Strongly Secure Revocable ID-based Signature without Random Oracles PDF
Y.-H. Hung, T.-T. Tsai, Y.-M. Tseng, S.-S. Huang 264-276
A New Public Key Encryption with Conjunctive Field Keyword Search Scheme PDF
M.-S. Hwang, S.-T. Hsu, C.-C. Lee 277-288
The Comprehensive Mapping of Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR) to OWL 2 Ontologies PDF
J. Karpovič, G. Kriščiūnienė, L. Ablonskis, L. Nemuraitė 289-302
A Fuzzy Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithm Based on Independent Pruning Strategy for Parameters Optimization of Ball Mill Pulverizing System PDF
H. Cao, Y. Zhang, L. Jia, G. Si 303-314
New Results in Generalized Minimum Variance Control of Computer Networks PDF
W. P. Hunek, P. Dzierwa 315-320
Predicting Party Group from the Lithuanian Parliamentary Speeches PDF
J. Kapočiūtė-Dzikienė, A. Krupavičius 321-332

Print ISSN: 1392-124X 
Online ISSN: 2335-884X