Melanoma Diagnosis Using Enhanced Faster Region Convolutional Neural Networks Optimized by Artificial Gorilla Troops Algorithm


  • S. Nivedha Information and Communication Engineering, Anna University, Chennai,600025, India.
  • S. Shankar Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore,641050, India.



Deep learning, Skin melanoma, Faster R-CNN, African Gorilla Troops Optimizer, Convolutional Neural Networks


Melanoma, a rapidly spreading and perilous type of skin cancer, is the focus of this study, presenting a reliable technique for its detection. It is one of the most prevalent types of cancer that might be challenging for medical professionals to diagnose. Artificial intelligence can improve diagnostic accuracy when utilized in conjunction with the expertise of medical specialists. An innovative computer-aided method for the diagnosis of skin cancer has been introduced in the current study. The construction of the proposed method uses the African Gorilla Troops Optimizer (AGTO) Algorithm, a recently introduced meta-heuristic optimization algorithm, and deep learning models such as Faster Region Convolutional Neural Networks.  To reduce the complexity of the analytic process, valuable features are chosen using the AGTO method, and further classification is implemented using Faster R-CNN. The proposed model is applied to the ISIC-2020 skin cancer dataset. When the final performance results from the proposed model are compared to those from four existing works, the findings show that the proposed system outperforms the existing models with an accuracy of 98.55%.