Human Motion Pattern Recognition Based on Nano-sensor and Deep Learning


  • Sha Ji
  • Chengde Lin Krirk University



Human motion, Recognition, Nano-sensor, Deep learning, Smoothing filtering method, Time domain features, LSTM neural network


A human motion pattern recognition algorithm based on Nano-sensor and deep learning is studied to recognize human motion patterns in real time and with high accuracy. First, human motion data are collected by micro electro mechanical system, and the noise in such data is filtered by smoothing filtering method to obtain high-quality motion data. Second, key time-domain features are extracted from high-quality motion data. Finally, after fusing and processing the key time-domain features, it is input into the deep long and short-term memory (LSTM) neural network to build a deep LSTM human motion pattern recognition model and complete human motion pattern recognition. The results show that the proposed algorithm can realize the recognition of various motion patterns with high accuracy of data acquisition, the average recognition accuracy is 94.8%, the average recall reaches 89.7%, and the F1 score of the algorithm are high, and the recognition time consuming is short, which can realize accurate and efficient human motion pattern recognition and provide guarantee for effective monitoring of the target human motion health.