Distributed Iterative Learning Formation control for Nonholonomic Multiple Wheeled Mobile Robots with Channel Noise


  • Xuhui Bu
  • Rui Hou Henan Polytechnic University
  • Yanling Yin Henan Polytechnic University
  • Wei Yu Henan Polytechnic University
  • Jiahao Geng Henan Polytechnic University




multiple wheeled mobile robots, formation tracking, iterative learning control, channel noise, switching topology


In this paper, we studied the robust formation control issue of multiple non-holonomic wheel mobile robots (WMRs) with nonlinear characteristics and considered the channel noise and switching communication topology, a distributed iterative learning formation control (DILFC) scheme using information interaction between robots is proposed. Firstly, the formation tracking error with consensus information is constructed, and the relationship between formation error and channel noise is obtained from the nonlinear system model of mobile robot. Next, the controller is designed based on the prediction and the current learning term between robots, and the switching topology is introduced into the formation algorithm in the form of piecewise function. The sufficient condition and norm upper bound for the formation tracking stability of the system are obtained by theoretical analysis. The results show that although the channel noise accumulates in both the time domain and iteration domain, the validity of formation tracking can be guaranteed by adjusting the sampling time of the system. To illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed scheme, numerical simulation results of a group of WMRs are presented.