Human-machine interaction in intelligent technologies using the augmented reality


  • Dawid Połap Institute of Mathematics Silesian University of Technology



Augmented Reality, Intelligent System, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Image Processing


Internet of Things is increasingly used in practice. An example of application are intelligent homes that allow us to exercise control over our own apartment/house. As a control, we can understand energy consumption, monitoring, healthy eating as well health care. One of the most important elements of the system (from the point of view of users) are interface and interaction with it. In order to increase the possibilities and encourage people to invest in such technologies, it is increasing the possibilities and forms of system visualization. An interesting idea is to use augmented reality to increase the quality of such technology. In this work, we propose a model to increase interaction between the user and the system installed at home. The proposed solution is based on the use of image recorded using the camera and its analysis, in order to extract selected elements. Such action will allow to increase the range of operation system, to simplify the life of the household members, in particular, the elderly and the disabled people. Model of the operation system has been described and tested to indicate the potential benefits of using augmented reality as an additional human-machine communication interface.