Proper Augmented Marked Graphs : Properties, Characterizations and Applications


  • King Sing Cheung The Open University of Hong Kong



Petri nets, marked graphs, augmented marked graphs, proper augmented marked graphs, distributed systems, shared-resource systems, component based systems, distributed transaction processing, systems integration


Augmented marked graphs possess a special structure for modelling distributed systems with shared resources. Not only inheriting the desirable properties of augmented marked graphs such as on liveness and reversibility, proper augmented marked graphs also exhibit other desirable properties, including boundedness and conservativeness. However, proper augmented marked graphs have a rather complicated definition that inevitably undermines the usability in system modelling. In this paper, based on composition of live and bounded marked graphs, new characterizations for proper augmented marked graphs are devised. Through these characterizations, proper augmented marked graphs can be effectively used in modelling and analyzing conflicting processes of a distributed system. Applications to distributed transaction processing with shared resources are discussed.


Author Biography

King Sing Cheung, The Open University of Hong Kong

Simon K.S. Cheung obtained his BSc and PhD in Computer Science from City Universityof Hong Kong, and his Master of Public Administration from University of HongKong. He is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Scientist, Chartered IT Professional, and Fellow of a number of professional institutions in computer science, engineering, technology and management. He is currently the Director of Information Technology, The Open University of Hong Kong. Prior to this, he was the Director of IT Services, SPACE, University of Hong Kong. He serves in editorial boards of journals and committees of international conferences. His publications include 10 books and over 100  refereed journal articles, book chapters and conference papers.