Adaptive Fuzzy Backstepping Control of MEMS Gyroscope Using Dynamic Sliding Mode Approach

  • Yunmei Fang Hohai University
  • Zhuli Yuan Hohai University
  • Juntao Fei Hohai University
Keywords: Dynamic sliding mode control, adaptive fuzzy backstepping control, MEMS gyroscope


In this paper, a dynamic sliding mode control using adaptive fuzzy backstepping (DSMCAFB) approach for a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) vibratory z-axis gyroscope is presented. Based on an adaptive fuzzy backstepping control method, a dynamic sliding mode control is proposed to compensate and adjust the external disturbances and model uncertainties. The fuzzy control method with adaptive backstepping control design can avoid depending on the system model and approximate the system nonlinearities well. What’s more ,it can make the controller have the ability to learn and adjust the fuzzy parameters in real time. In addition, dynamic sliding mode control can transfer discontinuous terms to the first-order derivative of the control input in order to effectively reduce the chattering. The simulation studies are investigated to demonstrate the satisfactory performance of the proposed method.


Author Biography

Juntao Fei, Hohai University
Professor, College of Computer and Information