Synchronization of Chaos in Nonlinear Finance System by means of Sliding Mode and Passive Control Methods: A Comparative Study

  • Uğur Erkin Kocamaz Department of Computer Technologies, Vocational School of Karacabey, Uludağ University
  • Alper Göksu Sakarya University
  • Harun Taşkın Sakarya University
  • Yılmaz Uyaroğlu Sakarya University
Keywords: chaotic finance system, chaos synchronization, sliding mode control, passive control


In this paper, two different control methods, namely sliding mode control and passive control, are investigated for the synchronization of two identical chaotic finance systems with different initial conditions. A Lyapunov function is used to prove that the passive controller provides global asymptotic stability of the system. Numerical simulations validate the synchronization of chaotic finance systems with the proposed sliding mode and passive control methods. The synchronization performance of these two methods is compared and discussed.