Non-Identical Synchronization, Anti-Synchronization and Control of Single-Machine Infinite-Bus Power System via Active Control

  • U. E. Kocamaz Uludağ University
  • Y. Uyaroğlu Sakarya University
Keywords: Single-Machine Infinite-Bus, Duffing oscillator, synchronization, anti-synchronization, control, active control


Since the idea of synchronizing two identical chaotic systems under different initial conditions was first introduced by Pecora and Carroll, the synchronization of chaotic systems has attracted much attention, and the synchronization of non-identical chaotic systems has also been investigated. Single-Machine Infinite-Bus (SMIB) power system has nonlinear behaviour. On account of avoiding undesirable behaviours in power systems such as voltage collapse, the synchronization and control of SMIB power system have considerable importance. This paper presents chaos synchronization and anti-synchronization of SMIB power system to Duffing oscillator by means of active control method. The sum of synchronization and anti-synchronization signals converge asymptotically to zero and achieve the control of SMIB power system. Numerical simulations are used to demonstrate the validity of proposed active control method on the non-identical synchronization, anti-synchronization and control of SMIB power system.


Author Biographies

U. E. Kocamaz, Uludağ University
Department of Computer Technologies, Vocational School of Karacabey
Y. Uyaroğlu, Sakarya University
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Engineering Faculty