Switching Stabilization for Nonlinear Networked Control Systems with Delays and Packet Losses

  • Qi Zhang WuHan Univerisity of science and techonlogy
  • Bin Liu 1.Engineering Research Center for Metallurgical Automation and Measurement Technology of Ministry of Education; Wuhan, China2.Hubei Province Key Laboratory of Systems Science in Metallurgical Process,Wuhan 430081, China.
Keywords: Nonlinear NCSs, T-S fuzzy model, switched system, mode-dependent average dwell time


This paper studies the stabilization problem for nonlinear NCSs(NNCSs) with bilateral network-induced random delay and packet dropout. T-S fuzzy model is employed to represent the nonlinear controlled plant. Based on the T-S model, a discrete-time fuzzy switched system model with uncertain parameters is established by means of the uncertain method and switching system method. Furthermore, the exponential stability condition for the state of the fuzzy switched system is obtained by using the combination of slow switching model-dependent average dwell time (MDADT) method and fast switching MDADT method. Finally, a series of rotary inverted pendulum experiments are provided to illustrates the effectiveness of the proposed method and prove that the proposed fuzzy controller based on T-S fuzzy model can balance the rotary inverted pendulum in a greater state range rather than the linear controller based on linearization