Fuzzy-Logic-Based Adaptive Proportional-Integral Sliding Mode Control for Active Suspension Vehicle Systems: Kalman Filtering Approach

  • Kazem Zare
  • Mohammad Mehdi Mardani
  • Navid Vafamand Aalborg University
  • Mohammad Hassan Khooban
  • Sajjad Shamsi Sadr
  • Tomislav Dragičević Aalborg University
Keywords: Fuzzy-logic-based, Sliding mode control, Kalman filtering, Suspension vehicle systems, hardware-in-the-loop (HiL)


This paper deals with the problem of synthesizing a fuzzy-logic-based adaptive proportional-integral sliding mode control (FAPISMC) for active suspension systems based on Kalman filtering approach. To improve the performance of the controller and eliminate the effect of the chattering, the switching input is designed based on the fuzzy-logic-based approach with a minimum number of rules. In order to facilitate the stability analysis, the estimation of the state variables is used in designing the sliding surface platform. Furthermore, the gain of the controller is updated by an adaptive law to avoid any pre-knowledge of the disturbance amplitude. Subsequently, the proposed approach is more implementable in real-world processes. Finally, in order to illustrate the effectiveness and merits of the proposed approach, a suspension system is considered and simulated by the real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HiL). In this example, a quarter-car model of suspension systems is considered. Then, the obtained real-time results are compared with the linear quadratic regulator approach.