Performance of Quasi-logarithmic Quantizer for Discrete Input Signal

Milan Tancic, Zoran H. Perić, Nikola Simić, Stefan S. Tomić


In this paper, performance of quasi-logarithmic quantizer, designed for correlated discrete input signal is analyzed. Quantizer design is done for Laplacian source due to its both hardware and software significance, whereas experiments are done by processing test wideband speech signal sampled at 16 [kHz]. The quantizer is exploited as a second stage of two-stage quantization system, where the first step is used for continuous signal sampling, while the second stage provides additional data compression. The main goal is to provide improved design by discussing theoretical performance of two quantization models. As the traditional models for performance estimation provide estimation of average performance, we have decided to propose a novel model for performance estimation and to analyze performance in details for each random input signal variance. Finally, the experimental results have shown excellent matching with theoretical results.



Discretized input signal; Laplacian source; µ-law quantization; speech signal processing

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Print ISSN: 1392-124X 
Online ISSN: 2335-884X