Continuous-Time Delay-Petri Nets as a new tool to Design State Space Controller

  • Alireza Ahangarani
  • Abbas Dideban Semnan university, semnan, Iran
Keywords: Continuous Petri Nets, Controller Design, State Feedback, Time Delay Petri Nets


In this paper a new method of modelling and controller design for continuous systems is introduced. Petri Net is a useful tool for modelling, analysis and controller synthesis in discrete event systems. Continuous-Time Delay-Petri Nets (CTDPN) are presented to challenge with other types of continuous dynamic system modelling tools. This article focuses on an approach to design a controller using Petri Net for continuous dynamic systems. It is shown here that this method simplifies system analysis and controller design by first, converting the continuous state space to a discrete state space and then applying CTDPN, to model and analyse it. Finally, a state feedback control algorithm is adapted to be used for models which are derived by CTDPN approach. Simulation results show the efficiency of the proposed approach comparing to state space feedback controller in terms of the simplicity of the system analysis and the time it takes to simulate the close-loop system.