Solution of the Augmenting Sequence of Linear Programming Problems as a Tool for the Intellectual Home Environment’s Self-Training

  • Andrius Dmuchovskis
  • Raimundas Jasinevicius
  • Vaidas Jukavicius
  • Egidijus Kazanavicius
  • Laura Kizauskiene
  • Agnius Liutkevicius
Keywords: Linear programming, augmenting self-training, intelligent control, intelligent decision making, smart home environment


This work presents the solution based on the augmenting sequence of linear programming problems (LPP) as a tool for intellectualizing home environment. The proposed solution empowers the intelligent decision making procedure which can be applied to various intelligent control applications. The augmenting self-training procedure based on LPP approach is presented as well, which allows making reasonable decisions having only limited data about the controlled environment. The method permits retraining the decision making system when new data is available. As a proof of concept, this solution is applied to intelligent light control application. The obtained simulation results show the method’s capability in making reasonable decisions according to users preferences.