Strong Designated Verifier Signature Scheme Resisting Replay Attack


  • Yulei Zhang The Northwest Normal University
  • Yongjie Zhang Gansu Health Vocational College
  • Yahong Li Northwest Normal University
  • Caifen Wang National Chin-Yi of University of Technology



strong designated verifier signature, message recover, time stamp, replay attack.


Strong designated verifier signature shows that only designated user can verify the validity of the signature, others who have not signer’s secret key or verifier’s secret key cannot judge the signature’s originator. Lee et al. presented a designated verifier signature scheme to realize signature’s verification in the limited time. We demonstrate that Lee et al.’s scheme was insecure, and other legal user can forge valid signatures which convince designated verifier. In this paper, we show a concrete forgery attack to Lee et al.’s scheme and propose a new strong designated verifier signature scheme with time limit. In our new scheme, the message and time stamp need not transmit publicly, which were embedded in signature via the method of message recovery, only singer and designated verifier can recover these secrete values. Based on the Bilinear Diffie-Hellman problem and Pre-Image Resistance assumption, it is proved that our new strong designated verifier signature scheme can resist the ordinary forgery attack and replay attack, and enforce signature verification with time limit.


Author Biography

Yulei Zhang, The Northwest Normal University

College of Computer Science and Engineering,Professor.