A New Sentiment and Fuzzy Aware Product Recommendation System Using Weighted Aquila Optimization and GRNN in e-Commerce


  • L. Antony Rosewelt Sri Sai Ram Institute of Technology
  • D. Naveen Raju R.M.K. Engineering College
  • E. Sujatha Saveetha Engineering College




Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Analysis, Data preprocessing, Feature Optimization, Fuzzy temporal rules, Convolutional Neural Network


Customer reviews are playing an important role in e-commerce for increasing sales by knowing the customer’s purchase pattern and expectations. The reviews that are collected after completing their purchase reflect the quality and services in e-commerce. The user’s reviews are characterized and categorized through sentiment and semantic analysis. Moreover, the sentiment and semantic classification processes are also performed to predict the user’s purchase patterns and liked products. However, the available classification is not able to predict the user’s purchase patterns. In this paper, we propose a new Product Recommendation System (PRS) to predict the appropriate product for users based on their purchase behavior and pattern. The proposed recommendation system incorporates the standard data preprocessing tasks like tokenization process, Parts of Speech (PoS) tagging process, and parsing, a new sentiment and semantic score calculation procedure, and a new feature optimization technique called the Weighted Aquila Optimization Method (WAOM). Moreover, the sentiment and semantic classification processes are performed by applying a General Regression Neural Network with the incorporation of fuzzy temporal features (FTGRNN) and obtaining better classification results. The newly developed PRS is evaluated by conducting experiments in this work and also proved as superior than other systems available in this direction in terms of prediction accuracy, precision, recall, serendipity and nDCG.