Community Detection by Node Betweenness Using Optimized Girvan-Newman Cuckoo Search Algorithm


  • S. Devi Coimbatore Institute of Technology
  • M. Rajalakshmi Department of Information Technology, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore-641 014, India.



Community detection, Girvan Newman,, cuckoo search algorithm, node optimization, swarm intelligence, social networks.


Due to technological development, social media platforms like forums and microblogs allow people to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings. The organization, shopping groups etc. has major discussions regarding their business advertisements and product reviews. Also, there are certain followers for particular person or group due to their interests. Here the major issue is to know who or which group in social media is more influenced. The social media analysis needs to perform for identifying influenced person in the social media. The influencer node/person detection in a certain community is already done using greedy algorithm, genetic algorithm, ant colony optimization, cuckoo search algorithms. These existing techniques takes more time for diffusion and accuracy in prediction is not satisfied by users. To overcome this issues, in this research influencer node is identified using optimized Girvan Newman Cuckoo Search Algorithm (GNCSA). First Grivan Newman is used to identify the community and perform community detection. Cuckoo search algorithm uses host bird strategy in finding cuckoo eggs in his nest. Based on the centrality measure it decides whether the node is an influencer or not. This paper proposed Influencer detection by forming community first and measures angular centrality using optimized Girvan Newman cuckoo search algorithm. Our proposed work GNCSA gives a better accuracy rate for the data sets of Dolphin 0.89, for Facebook dataset got 0.93, Twitter data set got 0.94 and for YouTube data set 0.92, karate club and football got 0.91. This proposed work increases the intracommunity of the social network and improves its performance accurately by detecting the influencer in the social network.