A Hybrid Efficient Distributed Clustering Algorithm Based Intrusion Detection System to Enhance Security in MANET


  • CR Rathish Assistant Professor
  • K Karpagavadivu
  • P Sindhuja
  • A Kousalya




MANET, IDS, DCA, Route Reply, Communication overhead


MANET plays a key role in the contemporary improvements in technology and services that dynamically builds up the network connection bringing about a variation in network topology. If any malevolent activity inside the network otherwise in the system occurs it is monitored by software application or device called Intrusion or Invader Detection System (IDS). The power utilization is more in MANET as the IDS needs to be active for the whole time on each node. Considering this, we have designed a clustering-based proposal for Ad-hoc networks. To lower the communication overhead, the CH detection is called upon for establishing the path Weighted Clustering Algorithm (DCA) that is utilized to construct path. The proposed Distributed Clustering Algorithm dependent Invader Detection System (DCAIDS) is designed such that it reduces the overall delay during transmission in a network. The intruder attacks are identified by IDS and that particular nodes are detached from the cluster. When the particular target node receives the packets, it acknowledges its reception by sending RREP message so that the sender can send the intended data packets thereafter. Thus, an efficient and delay tolerant path is established which in turn intensifies the certainty of MANET.