The Placement of Virtual Machines Under Optimal Conditions in Cloud Datacenter


  • Sasan Gharehpasha
  • Mohammad Masdari
  • Ahmad Jafarian



Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Chaotic Functions, Sine Cosine Algorithm, Source Management, Power Consumption, Multi-Verse Optimizer.


Nowadays cloud computing is progressing very fast and has resulted in advances in other technologies too. Cloud computing provides quite a convenient platform for millions of users to use computing resources through the internet. Cloud computing provides the possibility of only concentrating on business goals instead of expanding hardware resources for users. Using virtualization technology in computing resources results in the efficient use of resources. A challenging work in virtualization technology is the placement of virtual machines under optimal conditions on physical machines in cloud data centers. Optimal placement of virtual machines on physical machines in cloud data centers can lead to the management of resources and prevention of the resources waste. In this paper, a new method is proffered based on the combination of hybrid discrete multi-object sine cosine algorithm and multi-verse optimizer for optimal placement. The first goal of the proposed approach is to decrease the power consumption which is consumed in cloud data centers by reducing active physical machines. The second goal is to cut in resource wastage and managing resources using the optimal placement of virtual machines on physical machines in cloud data centers. With this approach, the increasing rate of virtual migration to physical machines is prevented. Finally, the results gained from our proposed algorithm are compared to some algorithms like the first fit (FF), virtual machine placement ant colony system (VMPACS), modified best fit decreasing (MBFD).