A Hybrid Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization of Minimizing Makespan and Total Flow Time in Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problems


  • R. Rajkumar Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, (Autonomous) Sivakasi.
  • R.B. Jeen Robert AAA College of Engineering and Technology




Permutation Flow shop scheduling, Hybrid algorithm, Makespan, Total Flow time, Benchmark.


This paper proposes, a multi-objective optimization of minimizing makespan and total flow time of jobs for permutation flow shop scheduling is considered. Bi-objective issues are comprehended by doling out uniform weight to every objective function in view of its preference or determining every competent solutions. In flow shop scheduling environment, many meta-heuristic algorithms have been used to find optimal or near-optimal solutions due to the computational cost of determining exact solutions. This work provides a hybridization of genetic algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm (HGASA) based multi-objective optimization algorithm for flow shop scheduling. HGASA could be a simple and proficient algorithm that is utilized to determine for every single and multi-objective problem in flow shop scheduling shop environment. This algorithm can works simply for realistic manufacturing system applications. The proposed hybrid algorithm searches the optimal solution for objectives by considering the makespan and total flow time. The performance of the proposed HGASA was tested on standard flow shop benchmark problems to calculate its performance. The test results show that the HGASA algorithm performed better in terms of searching quality and efficiency than other meta-heuristic algorithms.

Author Biographies

R. Rajkumar, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, (Autonomous) Sivakasi.

Mechanical Engineering Department as Professor

R.B. Jeen Robert, AAA College of Engineering and Technology

I am working as Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department for the past two years in AAA College of Engineering and Technology. Moreover i Have Ten years of Teaching Experience.