Analysis the Parameters of the Adaptive Controller for Quality Control of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration

  • Robert Piotrowski Gdańsk University of Technology
  • Karol Błaszkiewicz
  • Kazimierz Duzinkiewicz
Keywords: aeration, adaptive control, cascade control, dissolved oxygen, nonlinear control, wastewater treatment


The wastewater treatment plant can be treated as large scale complex system. The dissolved oxygen concentration in aerobic zones is considered as the most important control parameters. Air is supplied by aeration system. It is a complex dynamic system. In this paper, the sequencing batch reactor and aeration system are modelled and applied for control systems purposes. The cascade nonlinear adaptive control system, extended by anti-windup filter, is applied. Furthermore, analysis the parameters of the adaptive controller for control quality is examined. Simulation results based on real data records for case study plant are presented.