A Grammar for ADVANCED SBVR Editor

  • Algirdas Šukys KTU
  • Linas Ablonskis KTU
  • Lina Nemuraitė KTU
  • Bronius Paradauskas KTU
Keywords: SBVR, business vocabulary, business rules, questions, structured language, Xtext grammar, SBVR editor.


SBVR is the richest knowledge model allowing to create specifications that are understandable for business people and also interpretable by computers. Existing SBVR editors still lack capabilities that could allow generating formal SBVR models, adapting SBVR to several languages or making SBVR extensions for various purposes without changing SBVR metamodel.The goal of the paper is to present the Xtext grammar for SBVR structured language and the prototype of SBVR editor, created on the base of this grammar. The experiment conducted with the prototype has shown that it allows defining business vocabularies, business rules and questions in SBVR structured English and Lithuanian languages; produxing formal SBVR models; using concepts from several vocabularies , and extending SBVR without changing its metamodel.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.itc.45.1.9219

Author Biographies

Algirdas Šukys, KTU
Department of Information Systems, PHD student
Linas Ablonskis, KTU
Department of Information Systems, lector, dr.
Lina Nemuraitė, KTU
Department of Information Systems, prof., dr.
Bronius Paradauskas, KTU
Department of Information Systems, prof., dr.