Simultaneous and Anonymous Mobile Network Authentication Scheme Based on Chaotic Maps

Wen Chung Kuo, Chi-Sheng Lin, Chen-Tsun Chuang, Ming-Chih Kao


Wireless network authentication schemes have been researched forabout a decade, and associated security problems explored by manyresearchers. In 2004, Zhu and Ma proposed an authentication schemefor wireless environments. Afterwards other researchers proposedimprovements according to Zhu-Ma scheme. Mutual authentication isone of the most important issues. To the best of our knowledge,there is no scheme that allows a foreign agent to authenticate thehome agent and mobile user at the same time. Towards this purpose,we propose a simultaneous authentication scheme based on chaoticmaps, and describe how our proposed scheme addresses varioussecurity problems while maintain anonymity.



Authentication;mutual authentication;chaotic-maps;security

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