Application of WASPAS Method as an Optimization Tool in Non-traditional Machining Processes

  • Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • Shankar Chakraborty Jadavpur University
  • Orchi Bhattacharyya Jadavpur University
  • Jurgita Antucheviciene
Keywords: WASPAS method, Optimization, Process parameter, Response


In order to meet the presentday manufacturing requirements of high dimensional accuracy and generation ofintricate shapes in difficult-to-machine materials, non-traditional machining(NTM) processes are now becoming the viable options. The product features thatcannot be machined using the conventional material removal processes can now beeasily generated employing the NTM processes due to their various addedadvantages. To achieve enhanced machining performance of the NTM processes, itis always desirable to determine the optimal settings of various controlparameters of those processes. It has been observed that the optimal parametriccombinations attained applying different optimization techniques may not usuallybelong amongst the conducted experimental trials and the process engineer mayhave to perform additional experiments to achieve the desired machining goals.In this paper, the applicability of weighted aggregated sum productassessment (WASPAS) method is explored for parametric optimization of four NTMprocesses. It is concluded that WASPAS method can be deployed as an effectivetool for both single response and multi-response optimization of the NTMprocesses. It is also observed that this method is quite robust with respect tochanging λ values.