An Efficient Resource Allocation Framework for Cloud Federations

  • Kuo-Hui Yeh Department of Information Management, National Dong Hwa University
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Resource Allocation, Cloud Federation


With the evolution of Internet technology, cloud computing techniques are being used for many applications in our daily life. In particular, most large enterprises intend to help business groups reduce management cost and achieve higher benefits via cloud computing technology. In order to provide uninterrupted services to the clients and reduce the monetary cost of cloud services, the issue of retrieving borrowed resources efficiently has become increasingly important. In this study, we focus on the computation resource allocation in the cloud based environment. An efficient resource allocation mechanism conforming to cross-Identity Provider (IdP) architecture is proposed. We introduce an inter-trust relationship among clouds to allow a cloud to borrow available resources from external clouds via a constructed cloud federation. Solid simulation experiments are demonstrated to show the practicability and feasibility of our proposed mechanism in the cloud federation environment.