Optimization of PID Controller Based on Water Wave Optimization for an Automatic Voltage Regulator System

Yongquan Zhou, Jinzhong Zhang, Xiao Yang, Ying Ling


In this paper, water wave optimization (WWO) algorithm is applied to optimize the optimal Proportional Integral Derivate (PID) controller of an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) system for obtaining optimal controller parameters. The WWO algorithm with good global search and local search ability can effectively find the optimal fitness value of the problem. To verity the effectiveness of the WWO algorithm, we compare the optimization results between the WWO algorithm and other algorithms, such as the bat algorithm (BA), the crow search algorithm (CSA), the flower pollination algorithm (FPA), the particle swarm optimization (PSO) and the sine cosine algorithm (SCA), the WWO algorithm can find the optimal controller parameters and global optimal solution by propagation operation, breaking operation and refraction operation, and the calculation accuracy of the WWO algorithm is better than that of other algorithms. The experimental results show that the WWO algorithm is more efficient and robust in improving the step response of an AVR system, and the optimized results obtained by the WWO algorithm is better than other algorithms.


water wave optimization algorithm; proportional integral derivate controller; automatic voltage regulator system; optimal controller parameters; global optimal solution

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