Macroscopic Geographical Speed of Data Transmission in European Internet

  • Dan Komosny Brno University of Technology
  • Miralem Mehic University of Sarajevo
  • Miroslav Voznak VSB - Technical University of Ostrava
Keywords: Internet, distance, speed, latency, measurement, PlanetLab, location, geolocation


The paper deals with geographical speed of IP data transmission in the European Internet. We measure the speed using a set of PlanetLab servers with known physical location. Based on the results we identify typical maximum geographical distance that data can travel for given communication latency, provided that the linear latency-to-distance transformation is preferred. An estimation of the typical maximum distance between two Internet nodes may help to improve certain geolocation problems. We show that the typical maximum distance results in a smaller delimited area of possible node locations, still including the correct location.