Vol 43, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


A Stochastic Algorithm of Frequent Set Search for Mining Association Rules PDF
L. Savulionienė, L. Sakalauskas 121-132
Continuous Time Markov Chain Models of Voltage Gating of Gap Junction Channels PDF
H. Pranevicius, M. Pranevicius, O. Pranevicius, M. Snipas, N. Paulauskas, F. Bukauskas 133-142
An Enhanced and Secure Three-Party Password-based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol without Using Server's Public-Keys and Symmetric Cryptosystems PDF
M. S. Farash, M. A. Attari 143-150
Enhanced Secure Authentication Scheme with Anonymity for Roaming in Mobility Networks PDF
W. -C. Kuo, H. -J. Wei, J. -C. Cheng 151-156
ADRC Tuning Employing the LQR Approach for Decoupling Uncertain MIMO Systems PDF
P. Teppa-Garran, G. Garcia 157-165
Non-Identical Synchronization, Anti-Synchronization and Control of Single-Machine Infinite-Bus Power System via Active Control PDF
U. E. Kocamaz, Y. Uyaroğlu 166-174
Reliable Robust Sampled-Data H∞ Output Tracking Control with Application to Flight Control PDF
Y. Wang, P. Zhou, Q. Wang, D. Duan 175-182
An Efficient Search Strategy for ACELP Algebraic Codebook by Means of Reduced Candidate Mechanism and Iteration-Free Pulse Replacement PDF
C. -P. Chu, C. -Y. Yeh, S. -H Hwang 183-187
Adaptive Control for Nonlinear Singular Systems PDF
A. Azarfar, H. T. Shandiz, M. Shafiee 188-198
Provably Secure Proxy Multi-Signature Scheme Based on ECC PDF
N. Tiwari, S. Padhye, D. He 199-204

Print ISSN: 1392-124X 
Online ISSN: 2335-884X