Ruin Probabilities of a Discrete-time Multi-risk Model

  • Andrius Grigutis Vilnius University
  • Agneška Korvel Vilnius University
  • Jonas Šiaulys Vilnius University
Keywords: multi-risk model, discrete-time risk model, ruin probability, recursive formula, net profit condition


In this work,  we investigate a  multi-risk model describing insurance business with  two or more independent series of claim amounts. Each series of claim amounts consists of independent nonnegative random variables. Claims of each series occur periodically with some fixed   inter-arrival time. Claim amounts occur until they   can be compensated by a common premium rate and the initial insurer's surplus.  In this article, we
derive a recursive formula for calculation of finite-time ruin probabilities. In the case of bi-risk model, we present a procedure to calculate the ultimate ruin probability. We add several numerical examples illustrating application  of the derived formulas.