Reconfigurable Control of Two-Time Scale Systems in Presence of Additive Faults

Adel Tellili, Nouceyba Abdelkrim, Amina Challouf, Mohamed Naceur Abdelkrim


This work presents an adaptive approach for fault tolerant control of singularly perturbed systems, where both actuator and sensor faults are examined in presence of external disturbances. For sensor faults, an adaptive controller is designed based on an output-feedback control scheme. The feedback controller gain is determined in order to stabilize the closed-loop system in the fault free case and vanishing disturbance, while the additive gain is updated using an adaptive law to compensate for the sensor faults and the external disturbances. To correct the actuator faults, a state-feedback control method based on adaptive mechanism is considered. The both proposed controllers depend on the singular perturbation parameter ε leading to ill-conditioned problems. A well-posed problem is obtained by simplifying the Lyapunov equations and subsequently the controllers using the singular perturbation method and the reduced subsystems yielding to an ε-independent controller. The control scheme, designed based on the Lyapunov stability theory, guarantees asymptotic stability in presence of additive faults and external disturbances provided the singular perturbation parameter is sufficiently small. Finally, a numerical example is presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the obtained results.



Reconfigurable control; Singularly perturbed systems; Time scale decomposition; Adaptive control; Sensor fault; Actuator fault; Lyapunov equations

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