Two Faces of the Framework for Analysis and Prediction, Part 1 - Education

Vladimir Kurbalija, Mirjana Ivanović, Zoltan Geler, Miloš Radovanović


With the ever-increasing amounts of data being generated in all walks of life and work, data analysis tools are gaining in importance and becoming essential in many application scenarios, including commerce, healthcare, research, and education. One important type of data are time series, which can be viewed as chronologically arranged arrays of numerical values that describe a sequences of quantitative observations (e.g. in medical examinations, scientific and engineering experiments, etc.). In this article we survey the successful applications of the Framework for Analysis and Prediction (FAP) – a Java-based tool dedicated to time-series analysis – in the area of education. Its utilization in this domain spans the development of several graphical user interfaces, as well as student projects illustrating and enhancing the capabilities of the system in the domains of time-series reconstruction, medicine (diagnosis), finance (stock value prediction) and psychology.



data mining; time-series analysis; tools for time-series processing; application of time-series in education

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