Detection of the Road Pothole Contour in Raster Images

  • Vytautas Jakštys
  • Virginijus Marcinkevičius
  • Povilas Treigys
  • Jevgenij Tichonov
Keywords: pothole, pothole contour detection, pothole segmentation, shortest path analysis


This article analyses issues related to detection and contour approximation of road surface defects, in particular road potholes, which were captured by smart device camera. Assessment of measurements obtained after image analysis and real objects will be disclosed with the view to depict measurement bias. The difference from all the other methods mentioned in the literature is that only 2D images captured by one camera were used in this investigation with the view to identify contour of road potholes and get its parameterised representation. In practice according to other authors, the most common approach to obtain parameterised description of a pothole incorporates not only cameras but also other and various sensors such as accelerometer, global positioning systems, laser, hyperspectral imagery, infrared or ultrasonic ones. In this article authors presents method that allows to recognise pothole object in terms of its colour, shape, and structure. The method discussed was applied to real world images for detection and outline road potholes contour. Finally, evaluation of approximation accuracy by empirical research techniques has be accomplished.