New Anatomy of Trustworthy Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Shu-Ching Wang Chaoyang University of Technology
  • Shun-Sheng Wang
  • Kuo-Qin Yan
Keywords: distributed consensus problem, mobile cloud computing, fault tolerant, trusted timely computing base, malicious fault


Nowadays,Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is widely accepted as a concept that cansignificantly improve the user experience when accessing mobile services. ForMCCs, a stable and reliable topology is an important research topic. However,the problem of reaching consensus in the distributed system is one of the mostimportant issues to design a fault-tolerance system. Reaching consensus on asame value in a distributed system, even if certain components in distributedsystem were failed; the protocols are required so that systems still can beexecuted correctly. In this study, the Trusted Timely Computing Base (TTCB) isused when the message is transmitted. However, the consensus problem is revisited withthe assumption of transmissionmedium failure onmalicious faults in the Cluster-basedMCC in this study. The proposed protocol, TrustworthyMCC (TMCC), can make all fault-free nodes reaching consensus with minimal rounds ofmessage exchanges and toleratethe maximal number of allowable faultycomponents.


Author Biography

Shu-Ching Wang, Chaoyang University of Technology
Dept. of Information Management, Chaoyang University of Technology